"What I love about Raconteur Radio are the contradictions. Pulpy and high-minded, hip and old-fashioned, backward glancing and forward thinking, their performances play out like the bastard son of a medieval pageant wagon and a Kraftwerk concert. They've managed to upgrade the dated aspects of the process with today’s technology even as they continue to explore and exploit the heavy nostalgia inherent to the medium. I hired them a year ago, when I was Multimedia Specialist at Princeton University, and now I've just hired them for my rehearsal dinner. Utterly unique!" Kyle Hartzell, Recording Operations Specialist for NPR's Story Corp (husband-to-be and former Multimedia Specialist, Julian Street Library & Media Center at Princeton University)

"I first hired Raconteur Radio, some two years ago, when they staged The Final Problem featuring Sherlock Holmes. That event drew 108 people and was one of the best attended events in our Library's programming history. Since then Raconteur Radio has been back at the Metuchen Library with The Abominable Snowman, A Christmas Carol, and War of the Worlds (specifically requested by my Teen Advisory Board). Raconteur Radio always draws more people than seats at the Metuchen Library, averaging about seventy-five people per performance. They roll in with a series of black and chrome travel trunks and, in twenty minutes flat, using some colored clamp lighting and a working vintage art deco microphone, transform our Community Room into a theatrical venue. The actors are either fully costumed or, in shows like A Christmas Carol, where each actor is playing several characters, wear all black. The sound effects are precise and complex, ranging from alien incineration to cat meows to authentic radio commercials for old time products like Brylcream and Muriel Cigars. I wholeheartedly recommend Raconteur Radio, the vaudevillian radio theatre troupe led by Alex Dawson." Kathy Liss, Young Adult Librarian, The Metuchen Public Library

"Outstanding! Thanks to the Alex Dawson and the Raconteur Radio cast members for their terrific stage performance of The Most Dangerous Game at The Players Club. They specialize in old fashioned radio stage plays based on classic movies and books. This was their first of what I hope will be many appearances at The Players!" Lee Pfeiffer, editor of Cinema Retro and hosting member of The Players Club, NYC

Fantastic! The War of the Worlds show was a huge success! Feedback from my patrons has been incredibly positive. Two thumbs up!" Cynthia Lambert, Mary Jacobs Memorial Library

“Working with Raconteur Radio was easy and their performance was first rate. Our patrons loved the whole experience and insisted we host them again!” Chad Leinaweaver, Assistant Director, Morristown Township Library

“Hypnotic!” The Morristown Green

"Raconteur Radio presented two radio plays in one of our private dining rooms this summer. The program was very unique. It generated a lot of excitement and sold extremely well. The acting was great, the vintage sound effects were fun, and for almost an hour, we were transported. We built a special, relevant menu around each show--a period Victorian dinner for Sherlock Holmes, a Viennese feast for The Third Man--and after the performance, the actors, still in character costume, dined with the audience. It was a memorable evening and we look forward to having them back." --Francis Schott, Stage Left, Restaurant Guys Radio

"This past summer the Barron Arts Center hosted Raconteur Radio's production of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem. The advance response to the event was astounding and the performance sold out two weeks before the show date. The night of the show Alex and company quickly transformed our big hall into a 30’s style radio station complete with costumes, lighting, and a vintage chrome microphone. The actors were all wonderful: Carlyle Owens, Jeff Maschi, and Laurence Mintz respectively brought Holmes, Watson, and Moriarty to heroic and nefarious life. There were even old commercials for Brylcream and Bosco. A brilliant touch. The audience went nuts for it and we still get calls once a week asking when Raconteur Radio will be back. All in all, Raconteur Radio puts on a unique theatrical experience that should not be missed. The Arts Center can't wait to hire them for another program!"--Brandon Powell, Program Director, The Barron Arts Center 

"Thank you so much for bringing Raconteur Radio's performance of The Empire Strikes Back to our library. The actors were wonderful, their presentation of the various characters and unique voices was highly entertaining, and the sound effects added the perfect touch! A terrific theatrical performance!" Janet Kranis, Chief Librarian, Monmouth County Library, Eastern Branch

"The Canal Walk Ball Room was transformed into a radio studio, (complete with sound effects, music and commercials), when Raconteur Radio presented Casablanca before 80 residents. Aptly performed by five actors, the highlight for me was when Ilsa, played by Francesca Tedeschi sang 'As Time Goes By.' We all know the ending to this timeless classic, but with such fine acting, we could only wish that Ilsa and Rick would finally be together again. So to Raconteur Radio from the Canal Walk Women's Club at Canal Walk (an Active Adult Community) here's hoping 'this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.'"Gloria Sipos, President CWWC

"The audience loved the production and we'll certainly plan another evening." Valeri Weidmann, Chief Librarian, Highland Park Library

Raconteur Radio presents beautifully acted productions of a variety of shows ranging from The Great Gatsby to A Christmas Carol.  They are a delight to work with and oh so creative. We always enjoy collaborating with Alex and the other members of Raconteur Radio, and our audience enjoys the chance to bring their own imagination to their well-crafted shows.”" Donna Mansfield, Programming Coordinator, Monmouth County Library Headquarters

"Working with Raconteur Radio at the Old Franklin Schoolhouse in Metuchen has been a great opportunity for our civic improvement club. We strive to offer diverse, intelligent, and accessible programs, and Raconteur Radio provides all that and more. The shows are well crafted, of an appropriate length, and great care is given to the overall experience of the patron. Alex Dawson is fantastic to work with; self-sufficient and trustworthy, qualities which are priceless to the manager of a performance space. Perhaps best of all for us, Raconteur Radio’s programs have brought a new audience into our club, which in turn had expanded our reach within our own community as well as neighboring ones. Each event, with generally 40 to 80 patrons, has brought someone new into our space." Tyreen A. Reuter, President, Borough Improvement League of Metuchen 

"My husband and I have started our own charity, Azad 4 Kids, which raises money for organizations and institutions that treat sick and disabled children. When we wanted to do something different for our inaugural fundraising event, I immediately thought of Alex and Raconteur Radio. Having known Alex for several years and having had the pleasure of experiencing many of his excellent events and programs, I knew a Raconteur Radio production would be a fun and entertaining event for our donors. And of course, we were not disappointed! Alex and his cast put on a memorable performance of The Great Gatsby -- the talented actors, along with the realistic sound effects, period music and theatrical lighting, swept the audience away into the corrupt and decadent world of the Roaring Twenties. And of course we were all delighted when the cast, still in costume, mingled with the guests after the show. The night was a success, as we raised over $12K for Schneider Children's Hospital, and everyone in attendance was treated to a very fun and unique theatrical event. Thanks to Alex and the cast for making it happen!" Alexandra Alexopolus, Co-chair, Azad 4 Kids. 

"Raconteur Radio's parody production of James Bond delighted Cranford Public Library Teens recently. The Cranford Community Center was quickly turned into an old time radio station, giving the teens a feel for the medium. The use of relevant lighting, sound effects, costumes, and props was brilliant; the actors were all superb, and Danielle Illario’s rendition of the theme song from “Goldfinger” was dead-on Shirley Bassey quality. Cranford Public Library enjoyed Raconteur Radio’s Teen Program so much that they have commissioned the company to additionally do both a Children’s Program and an Adult Program; and we are hoping to have another Teen Program soon! Thank you all for a most entertaining afternoon!" Fran Housten, Reference and Teen
Librarian, Cranford Public Library

"Raconteur Radio presented 'Sherlock Holmes & the Final Problem' on July 22 at the Clark Public Library. The program was an overwhelming success. We had our largest turnout of the summer for an adult program. Every seat in the room seemed to be filled. The audience loved the use of sounds effects, props, and costumes. Alex and his fellow actors were also kind enough to stay for a very animated 25 minute Q&A after their performance. Our patrons are already asking us when they are coming back! Thanks again for a wonderful evening of entertainment!" Erin Coffey, Reference Librarian, Clark Public Library

"Raconteur Radio puts on expertly crafted, impressively intricate, often hilarious shows that meet the audience at every level of engagement. Just want to have a casual good time? The shows are incredibly accessible and fun. A fan of classic films? Live performance? RR is an homage to the joy, excitement, and discourse that made you fall in love with the art of film and theater. You also get the distinct feeling that you’re witnessing something unique, something that cannot be imitated or bottled. It's in a class of its own. I couldn't ask for more." Will Rogers, Writer and Co-host of the popular online radio show, Will & Bobby Know Everything (WBKE)

"[Welcome Back Kotter's] Robert Hegyes played Chico, while Ron MacCloskey starred as Groucho [in Raconteur Radio's Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel]. MacCloskey came dressed in classic Groucho gear, including cigar, grease paint mustache and eyebrows, and a battered suit and tie.) By the second act, Groucho and Chico were going toe-to-toe with their zany routines, reading rapid fire one-liners with maximum mojo! You could almost see The Marx Brothers smiling from above. Reading from scripts, but with the zeal and zest of motion picture actors, they entertained the eyes as well as the ears with ease. There were timely sound effects and even songs dotted throughout the show. One of the best songs was sung by Francesca Tedeschi. She has the unique vocals of someone like Patti Scalia, and the moxie to go with it. Groucho sang “Lydia the Tattooed Lady” with the funny, hint-and-wink sexual cadence of the original. Being an avid Marx Brothers fan, I was happily surprised at the top-notch acting, audience participation, and the over-all TLC with which the show was presented.This was way more than I had expected, and each actor rose to the occasion time and time again." Phil Rainone, Jersey Beat

Contact information for the above references is available upon request.

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